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Social CRM – 5 Tips for an Effective Social CRM Strategy

Social Customer Relation Management or Social CRM has become a central concept that businesses need to comprehend deeply and integrate fully, in order to serve the social customer completely. As the practice of CRM evolves alongside the social web, it is vital that we not only think in terms of measurable data but about the integration of social behavior as well in order to provide a true and accurate reflection of valued customers. Success will not be possible if dependent on chasing influencers, high volume buyers or friends of friends. Instead, success will be possible by forging enduring, mutually beneficial relationships with your brand’s most loyal customers. Below are five tips to help you build an effective Social CRM strategy:

1. Monitor Your Social Customers in a Timely Manner
One of the best ways to prevent a complaint on social media is to anticipate it before it is presented in a more public platform. By monitoring social media feeds, your business can immediately detect customer service issues and address them before they become a real problem. In addition, use tools like Google Alerts,,, or to be alerted when your clients get appointed, promoted, or quoted in the media, so that you can congratulate them on their success.

2. Identify and Reward Your Key Social Influencers
Use exceptional social media tools to identify what and who is driving significant conversations about your brand and reach out to the in order to build a managed relationship with them. For those customers who maintain exclusive engagement with your brand on social media, reward them with incentives such as promotions, positive feedback, and so on, in order to retain those clients.

3. Have Substantial Conversations With Your Customers Frequently
Constantly hold real conversations with your customers on your social media outlets. Make sure to listen and respond to their feedback. When responding to your customers, do so in a timely manner, i.e. as soon as possible. You will earn your customers’ appreciation and will be able to fortify your brand’s attitude and image.

4. Use Effective Social Media Management Platforms
Make sure you have a suitable and beneficial platform for conducting Social CRM. Choose a comprehensive social media management platform with rich listening, monitoring, and engagement capabilities. A valuable Social CRM platform should also integrate seamlessly with other key enterprise applications like sales, marketing, service, and commerce for a holistic approach that covers all customer touch points.

5. Be Easily Accessible to Your Customers
Let customers know how and when to reach you by providing your contact information as well as office hours, address, email, phone number, etc. The easiest way to do this is by letting your social profile data to augment content information. By doing this, you can identify and compile customer data and target the proper audience in future campaigns.

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