Optimize Your LinkedIn Company Page

Optimize Your LinkedIn Company Page

Optimize Your LinkedIn Company Page

LinkedIn has become the largest professional networking site with over 200 million members and 120 new users each minute. Companies and individuals alike use LinkedIn in order to generate leads, connect with customers, exchange internal information, and showcase products. However, in order to effectively take advantage of all of the benefits that LinkedIn has to offer, users need to tailor their profiles so that they will show up on the site’s internal searches.

Strategies for Optimization of LinkedIn Searches for Your Profile

Complete Your Profile 100%

LinkedIn prioritizes profiles that have been fully completed in its’ internal search results over partially finished ones. By having a completed profile, companies will have more opportunities to find your profile in search results through keywords that will also help rank your profile higher. Two sections for completion to pay special attention to are the “Product and Service” and “Company Overview” components. Use keywords in the “Product and Service” section to link and explain each of your products and services individually and ask for customers to provide their feedback or to “recommend” them. For the “Company Overview” description, utilize keywords in the first two sentences as well as to describe “Company Specialties” to facilitate your company being found via search for specific qualities. In addition to using keywords in your completed profile, include long-tail phrases that a prospective employer or client would use in the site’s search bar for better results.

Customize Your URL and Company Cover Page

LinkedIn provides the option of customizing your company’s URL and company cover page for a better representation of your brand. By changing your profile’s URL to your company’s name it will make it more likely for search engines to find your company as well as make it easier for customers and employers to remember your business’ name. The same is true for modifying the multiple cover pages that are available for your profile on LinkedIn. To benefit the most from this feature, you can start with sharing your company’s Facebook cover photo.

Expand the Size of Your Network

LinkedIn first displays results that have some connection to the search user whether it be a first, secondary or even third degree. Strengthen connections and create new ones by joining various groups on LinkedIn, which can be a considerable ranking signal for the size of your personal and professional network. Another way to fortify your network is by updating your personal or business profile twice a day with posts that are compelling and relevant to your company. This is another great way to increase traffic to and optimize your LinkedIn page.

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