Google Plus Means SEO for Marketers

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Google Plus Means SEO for Marketers

Google Plus Means SEO for Marketers

Google launched Google+, nearly two years ago yet it still remains in the shadow of Facebook with only about 25% of the user base that Facebook has. Many tend to compare Google+ to other social media sites such as Twitter or Facebook because it has some of the same aspects as the two like being able to “friend” fellow users or “follow someone” without them having to follow you. Do not let these qualities fool you, Google+ is not a social network, it is actually best served for Social SEO purposes. Google+ is more than 25% more effective for search engine optimization than any other form of social media. Traditional keyword SEO techniques have not been sufficient enough to keep you competitive within the Google SEO world. The Social SEO archetype is now appearing in Google search results more frequently.

So What Is Social SEO?

With Social SEO you are able to create content that people can relate to and engage with. Depending on the nature of the connections between you and other users, related content will appear in search results. Google+ will likely merge the social and search spheres like never before because of this. Google+ does not aim to be a social network but rather a social layer across the Google/Web spectrum that will likely integrate across other vertical sand intersect with search. Google+ serves as a mechanism in which Google can better determine what to prioritize in their search results due to social cues given by Google+ users’ profiles. This is because users profiles are indicative of their likes and tastes as classified by who they choose to follow, retweet, add, etc. So What are the features of Google Social SEO?

Personalize Search Result by “Search, Plus Your World” (SPYW)

In January, Google debuted “Search Plus Your World” as an update to their universally popular search engine by giving preference to users who are logged into their Google+ accounts by including social content in their search results. By adding personalized results like showing who is in your circle, SPYW has revolutionized the search landscape. When the SPYW function is shut off, Google resorts to only showing historical results which may not present as specific of results one is looking for.

Google+ and Page Rank

Google treats Google+ profiles and pages like regular websites, giving it more powerful rankings than other search results. By having the benefit of page rank, it gives authority to your page allowing your Google+ profile to be more powerful than other social media profiles would. This means that you should not be using Google+ just for SEO purposes but rather to do SEO.

Google Authorship

Google authorship is a new feature that tells users the status of authorship of a page as symbolized by an emoticon of a face by certain search results. This image will appear when a person has authored a Google+ page, shared someone else’s Google+ page which was a search result for them, of if a person has authored a post from a website itself. Having an emoticon by the side most likely would improve a site’s click through rate than a page without. Google+ works as an identity verification network this way. As the network continues to expand, content associated with a verified Google+ account will rise to the top of Google search rankings.

Through its Search Engine Studio  Social Media Division, Creative Studio B believes that Google+ and Social SEO can greatly attribute to the way your customers see you online. By employing a custom approach, Search Engine Studio can help better your company’s marketing tactics.  For more information on the services we have available, please visit our website to subscribe to Studio Insights or speak to one of our Marketing Experts by calling us at 800-594-4902.

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