Social CRM

Social CRM - 5 Tips for an Effective Social CRM Strategy Social Customer Relation Management or Social CRM has become a central concept that businesses need to comprehend deeply and integrate fully, in order to serve the social customer completely. As the practice of CRM evolves alongside the social web, it is vital that we not [...]

Optimize Your LinkedIn Company Page

Optimize Your LinkedIn Company Page LinkedIn has become the largest professional networking site with over 200 million members and 120 new users each minute. Companies and individuals alike use LinkedIn in order to generate leads, connect with customers, exchange internal information, and showcase products. However, in order to effectively take advantage of all of the [...]

LinkedIn Optimization

Follow us on LinkedIn if you don't already. Optimizing your LinkedIn page is the online equal to possessing a great hand shake!!  In the age of social media, Google is not the only way for businesses to be discovered online anymore. Marketers are now turning to alternative sources for their businesses, including LinkedIn. LinkedIn has [...]