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Google Shopping Express to challenge Amazon

Google Shopping Express to Challenge Amazon! 2 day delivery about to launch!  Make sure that you have a Google Adword team in place to take advantage of Google's new foray into the Search+Buy business! Contact Us for a free evaluation of your company's products to determine ROI for partnering with Google. Shoutout to Google may [...]

SEO Psychology Needs to Learn the APA Format

Brent Berger, Search Engine Studio, Hollywood, California January 21, 2014 KW:  SEO, APA FORMAT, PSYCHOLOGY of SEARCH, ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE  So what does the American Psychology Association know about web design and publishing information to the masses, and why is this important to the future of Search and Web Publication.  A couple MAJOR things come to [...]

Google updates (again)

This is pretty interesting for those of us devising strategies around eBay. Panda 4.0, Payday Loan 2.0 & eBay's Very Bad DayAfter a period of relative quiet, MozCast detected a major "temperature" spike in Google's algorithm at some point on Monday, May 19th. This occurred after some historic lows, including the 3rd coldest day on record [...]

Social CRM

Social CRM - 5 Tips for an Effective Social CRM Strategy Social Customer Relation Management or Social CRM has become a central concept that businesses need to comprehend deeply and integrate fully, in order to serve the social customer completely. As the practice of CRM evolves alongside the social web, it is vital that we not [...]

Pinterest for SEO Marketers

Pinterest  for SEO Marketers? Pinterest has more than 100 million monthly visitors, and has asserted itself as one of the most popular social media networks being Facebook and Twitter. Pinterest once was considered a niche player in he social space but it has become one of the fastest growing social networks ever, harnessing both an [...]

LinkedIn Optimization

Follow us on LinkedIn if you don't already. Optimizing your LinkedIn page is the online equal to possessing a great hand shake!!  In the age of social media, Google is not the only way for businesses to be discovered online anymore. Marketers are now turning to alternative sources for their businesses, including LinkedIn. LinkedIn has [...]